Style A standard size. Overall Length 1050mm. Body L.505, W.405, D.125 or 115.
String length 635mm.

Style B small bodied steel string. Overall length 985mm. Body L.485mm W.365mm D.100mm. String length 635mm.

Style B/N classical. Overall length 985 mm. Body L.485mm W.365mm D.100mm.
Neck width at nut 48mm, string length 645mm or width at nut 52mm, string length 655mm.

Style C jumbo. Overall length 1065mm. Body L.520mm, W.415mm, D.125mm.
String length 635mm.

Style W Overall length 1008mm. Body L.505mm W.400mm D.105mm. String length 645mm.

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#2108 R

#2112 A

#2113 D

#2114 D
Violin – 5 string